Roberts Creek, British Columbia – Day 1

4 months ago, my boyfriend, Rich(ard), planned a surprise trip for the B.C. Day long weekend.  He was careful as to not let me in on any trip details other than the fact that we’d be taking several buses and a ferry.  Being geographically challenged, that meant nothing to me (and he knew that as well).  He knew that I would still have absolutely no clue about where we were going and said that he would not tell me until at least a day before.  So, 4 months later, it turns out that we’d be going to Roberts Creek in Sunshine Coast!

(I still had no idea where that was.) 

I’ve heard of Sunshine Coast, but have never been.  Since he just came to Canada a little over a year ago, neither has he, so he decided it’d be nice to have a little adventure out of town during our long weekend.  On the Friday of that long weekend, I met up with him after work and we both took the bus to Horseshoe Bay for the ferry.


We arrived at Langdale, B.C. around 8:00 pm and took another bus from the ferry terminal to where we were staying.  I’ve lived in two fairly large cities my whole life (Vancouver, and occasionally, Hong Kong) so it was really interesting to see the drive through Sunshine Coast.  Passing through Gibsons and Sechelt, I realized how tiny and concentrated commercial buildings were.  There would be an area of small shops, which then transitioned into town homes and houses.  The roads sort of reminded me of a village in Tai Po, Hong Kong where my grandparents live.  Both consist of hill-y roads and trees, with occasional bus stops scattered around the area.

Around half an hour later, we finally got to Roberts Creek and headed towards the micro-cabin Rich had reserved.


It was a really tiny but adorable cabin amongst rest of the houses in a very quiet neighbourhood.  I’ve never stayed at anything like that – the bed and a reading nook were built approximately 6 feet off the ground.  Due to a lack of space, verticality was used to ensure every nook and cranny was utilized efficiently.






Upon our arrival, we found a note addressed to Rich on the table.  The owner had kindly left us milk, eggs, and beer brewed from Bowen Island to enjoy.  The cabin was smaller than what I’m normally used to, but was incredibly homey at the same time.  Since I don’t spend a whole lot of time in the house during vacation, the main concern I had was whether or not the bed was comfortable.  So I quickly climbed up to test it; it was so comfy.  Rich couldn’t stop praising the bed and claimed it was much better than the ones we have. *insert eye roll*



Because we were pooped by the time we got to the cabin and it took around 20 minutes to walk to the convenience store, cafe, and restaurant, we decided to have some snacks Rich had brought and called it a night.

Los Angeles – Day 4

Long overdue post: L.A. trip from September 4, 2015 – September 7, 2015

Los Angeles – Day 1
Los Angeles – Day 2
os Angeles – Day 3


Itinerary for the day:
Check out hotel
Breakfast @ Eggslut
California Science Center
Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
Los Angeles > Vancouver 



Los Angeles – Day 3

Long overdue post: L.A. trip from September 4, 2015 – September 7, 2015

Los Angeles – Day 1
Los Angeles – Day 2

Itinerary for the day:

Breakfast @ In n’ Out Burger
Universal Studios
Dinner @ Genwa Korean Barbecue 


Genwa korean barbecue restaurant – this award winning restaurant was definitely on the pricier side, but offered an amazing experience.  We got one of the set menus that included wagyu beef (which was absolutely delicious) and my friends ordered sake to share while I got one of their teas.  Because my birthday was in a few days, my friend told the servers and they surprised me with ice cream (for all my friends, too) and a shot for each of us.  Not only did the manager and our server sing happy birthday to me, but they also had a shot with our table – how awesome is that?!  Service and food were impeccable and definitely worth the price; pay them a visit if you’re travelling to L.A.! 🙂


After making the YVR/HKG Canvas art, a good friend of mine suggested that I post it on to Reddit because apparently a lot of people are into these kind of art.  So, I did. Then, this amazing Redditor came along and PM-ed me, asking if I could make two customized ones for him and his fiancee, telling me they want to use it at their wedding.  I have never sold (or publicized on any platform other than this blog) my art, so I was absolutely flattered and astonished when this incredible couple decided to give me a chance!  They were also very patient with me while I tried to sort out how to make things work…so if you’re reading this: Thank you so much!  You don’t know how proud I am of myself that I am able to do this, and you were the one who made it happen. 🙂

P.S. A big thank you to all my friends who gave me advice on the start-up of my “business” (don’t even know if I can call it that, haha).  You all know who you are. 😉







HKG/YVR runway canvas art

A while back, two of my friends showed me a poster they bought from 08left.  Both of them being airplane fanatics raved about how beautiful the posters were.  And I, being a mini airport/airplane fan, too fell in love with the simple yet striking designs.

I went on to their website and wanted to place an order.  Yet although they offered generous customizations, I didn’t really find a design and size I truly liked that was within my budget.  With Vancouver and Hong Kong being my two homes, I wanted one that had both of the runways on a single poster; I also wanted a skyline of both cities.

So I decided to make my own. 😀

I headed to the handy dandy Michaels to buy all my materials and this project ultimately costed me around 50 dollars, which isn’t all that cheap, but if you want to recreate something like this and happen to drop by Michaels when they have a good deal, it shouldn’t be too expensive (depending on your materials, of course). 🙂

Items: Canvas, graphite paper for tracing, white sharpie, acrylic paint, sponge, coloured paper.

I began by painting the entire canvas with a small sponge because I realized my paint brushes left numerous stroke marks.  I did about 3 layers but it still left subtle streaks. Hoping the canvas could be flawlessly grey, I ended up using a paint roller (the ones they use for walls).  Boy, did I wish I thought of that in the beginning! It was so much easier and took only 1 coat to finish.  It left the canvas free of streaks – so perfect that my friend thought the canvas was grey to begin with!

I then started experimenting with the sizes and layout of the runways and names.  Once I was satisfied, I began tracing.






Skyline of Vancouver

Skyline of Hong Kong


With the help from my mom, we hung the final product on the blank wall above my fireplace.  Now it sits peacefully with the Avengers cast! 😉

Credit: 08Left